Sunday, December 24, 2006

weaning off cheese

As I prepare for the month of January I decided to wean myself off of cheese since that is going to be my biggest hurdle. In the last three days all I have had is a little sprinkle on my chili so I am doing pretty good. Kevin's challenge, I think, will be eggs since that is a snack he has quite a bit. If any of you have some good vegan recipes that are kid friendly I would love for you to share! My kids eat differently than most kids anyway (tofu, lots of vegetables, etc) so I don't think the other two are going to balk too much at dinners that are slightly tweaked for a vegan.

Friday, December 22, 2006

vegan for a month

Kevin and I have decided to be vegan for one month. I have been vegetarian for 11 years and Kevin has embraced it for about 6 or so. We have decided to see how it feels to be vegan for a little while. If we feel terrific than we will probably decide to continue with that lifestyle, if not we will go back to our lacto-ovo selves.

Part of the reason that I want to try this is that I have been fighting acne on my chin for four years and I think some of it has to do with my cheese intake. I also want to give up coffee for the month to see if that could be exacerbating the problem. I also have TMJ, which I know caffeine makes worse. Kevin is just agreeing to go along with it and also has some issues with dairy too. He cut out milk several months ago and has noticed a HUGE change.

So..........we will start on Jan. 1. We will be posting our feelings as well as our daily menu, as some have been asking, "WHAT would you eat?" I don't think it will be too terriby difficult except for the egg that is in so many things that we don't realize. We will get really good at reading labels I guess. Most of our diet consists of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables already so it won't be TOO big a shift.