Tuesday, March 13, 2007

back to vegan

I didn't really blog on here much, didn't seem anyone was reading it and it seemed like every day was the same. I haven't felt quite as good since I went back to my dairy so I'm going to slowly ease off the dairy and move toward vegan full time.

The one thing I was having a really hard time with was the lack of cream in my coffee. I have discovered that I like the coffee black just fine so this week I am committing to black coffee in the morning and little to no cheese. I haven't been eating much cheese but I want to pretty much cut it out all together. Maybe a few times a year for a special occasion or something would be fine. I haven't really been too focused on whole/raw either and have been eating more of the processed soy products. So back to whole/raw, lots of veggies and whole grains.

Thanks to Cara, a fellow unschooler, who posted a really great blog site, I have gotten some GREAT vegan lunch ideas. If you want to check it out go to Jennifershmoos site, the author of a book called The Vegan Lunchbox.

The other thing that has changed is that I have been doing yoga 3-4 times a week. I feel GREAT in that respect. I'm feeling stronger and more in balance. I have also been walking at an indoor track, at least until the weather warms up and I can jog outdoors. I really want to treat my body better, physically. I have let that go since having three kids; not that my body looks bad, just that I'm not keeping it strong and balanced. I hike a lot in the summer and then do nothing in the winter.

So what I am going to do is try a new vegan recipe, at least a few times a week, and then share it with you on this blog. Maybe it will inspire more people to not eat dead animals because you will see how GOOD non-meat food can taste.

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