Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Well, I'm going to give this vegan thing another shot. Kev has made the choice to remain vegan for life and through that I am slowly learning how to cook vegan and to have more interesting food choices than the first time I did it. I've been cooking all vegan dinners for the past 8 weeks or so. A gal that I'm doing yoga teacher training with is also vegan so I've been picking her brain.

I will blog about feelings, recipes, etc. and maybe it will be an inspiration for others to live a more healthy lifestyle. Like I said before, lots of people have asked me, "What the heck do you eat?" so I may list an entires day worth of meals once in a while to give people an idea of how vegans, or even vegetarians, eat on a daily basis.

Last night I happened to make a recipe from a vegan cookbook that ended up tasting exactly like a non-vegan recipe that I make quite often. Calista didn't even realize that it was a different recipe. The interesting thing is that it had TOTALLY different ingredients. Even Martin gobbled it up and he is the only meat eater in our family. A friend of Kev's, who isn't even vegetarian, RAVED about it so it is proof that vegan eating doesn't have to be bland and boring. It was a time consuming recipe but there are plenty of others out there that aren't.

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