Monday, August 11, 2008

I keep thinking I'm going to abandon this blog, as it is quite obvious I don't blog much here, but for some reason I just can't let it go. My efforts to go vegan permanently have been all over the map, from being fairly strict, to saying "what the heck". I ate strict vegan (except for the honey) for 6+ months and then slowly slipped into the dairy again. I don't eat eggs, except in the occasional baked goods but have been eating tons of dairy this last few months. I have to admit, I just don't feel as good. I felt the best when I was eating vegan for sure. So now, to find that middle ground; eating just enough dairy to feel satisfied but not so much that I feel like crap.

I'm feeling the need to purge right now so Martin has agreed to eat vegan with me for one month. Today was supposed to be our start day and I forgot twice and ate dairy........oh well! The funny thing is that at dinner time we all eat vegan because I ALWAYS cook vegan for Kev's sake. He has been eating vegan since last August and has been very firm about his lifetime choice. I have supported him 100% and the family actually loves all the vegan dishes I cook.

When I went vegan last fall it forced me to get the cookbooks out and I felt it satisfyingly challenging. We have adopted some wonderful recipes in our repertoire of weekly meals and even the teens, that come hang out, love them. Again, I will make an effort to post some of our favorites, at least once a week or so, and see if I can keep up with this blog.

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Ren Allen said...

I bet if you used raw dairy product, you wouldn't feel crappy!:)
It's such a different product all together. Wish I could find a reliable source near my house. Argh.