Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Day 1

Well, we made it through our first day. It wasn't quite as easy as I had anticipated but we will make it. I wasn't stalked up on the appropriate groceries yesterday, which is why it was a little more difficult. We went to the store last night and got a few things to make it a little easier.

Yesterday I had toast in the morning; pita, hummus, olive tapenade, and bell peppers for lunch; chips and salsa for a snack, and tofu with peanut sauce and vegetable soup for dinner. I didn't have my coffee in the morning but had green tea instead. I was doing well all day, with no headache until early in the evening. The headache lasted through the night and is still throbbing a little. I broke down and took some Tylenol, as it makes me a little nauseous to have a headache. It freaks me out a little that an addiction to caffeine can make you have withdrawals like this. Makes me not want to touch the stuff again but I just enjoy it so much. We will see how I feel about it in a couple of weeks when it is cleaned out of my system.

I started this morning with organic multi-grain pancakes with peanut butter and syrup, an orange, and green tea. I made the pancakes with egg replacer, which is basically potato starch and cellulose gum. It replaces the egg in a recipe. I also used almond milk instead of regular milk. I could have used soy milk also but I am out. I could hardly tell the change except for a very slight difference in texture due to the egg replacer. I need to buy some more almond butter also because the peanut butter that my husband likes is full of hydrogenated oils and I know that peanuts have high levels of pesticides. Almond butter is more flavorfull anyway.

I am surprised at how well Kevin is doing also. He has been doing quite a bit of research on the vegan lifestyle and is starting to get quite passionate about it. He was preaching to his Dad about it last night.............too funny! This lifestyle may stick for him. I may feel differently about it after a few weeks, but at this point I am prone to say that I will be drastically changing my eating habits but I think I will still have a little egg and cheese on occasion. What this is doing for me is that when I am getting ready to eat I am thinking about what my healthiest options are v. what tastes the best. Not that I don't want my food to taste good but I am more concerned with getting the proper nutrition that I need.

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