Friday, January 05, 2007

Day 5

Well, we are into the 5th day now. Things aren't as easy as we thought they would be. I thought Kevin was more gung ho than me but he is ready to go back to his normal lacto-ova vegetarian self. He is waiting for me to cheat so he can throw his hands up but I'm not budging. I'm not finding it as easy as I thought I would but it is not terribly bad. The things I am missing the most are the butter on my toast in the morning, the feta on my salads and certain things that have egg in them, including my soy meat products.

Probably the thing I am having the toughest time dealing with is my decision to give up my coffee. At this point I am not sure whether I am willing to give that up permanently. It is not just the constant throb in my head this week but it is the ritual. Somehow it is just not the same with tea, can't quite put my finger on it. My jaw pain is actually worse, can't explain that one. My face has certainly cleared up but it may have more to do with the cheese. I have lost 2 lbs this week, which I was expecting since I have virtually gotten rid of almost all fat and sugar in my diet.

So....................I got interrupted while blogging and I broke down and made myself a soy latte. Aaahhhhhhhhh, that's all I can say!! Funny thing is that while I was making that Kev called me. He is with a friend and they stopped by Subway. I pick up the phone and he says, "Moooommmm, I can't eat anything", in this very pathetic voice. I gave him some suggestions, such as no cheese and instead of mayo put oil and vinegar on it. That didn't sound good to him because he LOVES Subway and he likes it the way he likes it, ya know! I asked him if he was giving up on me and he says, "Ya, I'm getting close." I told him it is more important to enjoy your food and just live a healthy lifestyle. I'm thinking he is going to have that sandwich :) I think he is doing this to be supportive of his mommy. He believes in the lifestyle but sometimes it is much easier said than done. He has been hackling me about my coffee and telling me how unhealthy it is so I guess we are even :)

Well, I am going to get through this month. It is a good challenge for me, especially in the art of discipline, something I am not very good at. As to what I am eating.............lots of soups and salad (with oil and vinegar), nuts and seeds, dried fruit, beans. It is a lot easier for me to get all my veggies when I make soup and it is VERY cold here this week so it warms up my bones! I love hummus, pepperoncini's and the sort so I have been eating a bit of that. I like to snack on organic chips and salsa. Kev has been juicing quite a bit, with carrots, apples, and oranges. He LOVES beans and rice so I have made that a couple of times for him. He also likes mashed black beans with strips of tortillas or pita.

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Unknown said...

Sounds hard! Good for you, hang in there!