Saturday, January 13, 2007

Humming along....

Well, I've almost finished week 2. I was very excited this week to discover Earth Balance, a great substitute for butter but it is not hydrogenated and tastes better than margarine. It makes my toast so much more enjoyable! I also got some soy creamer which is a little thicker than just soy milk and that has made my coffee much more enjoyable. So, all in all I am doing pretty good on this vegan thing.

I pulled some new recipes off the internet that I am going to try this week so that will make my diet a little more exciting. I seem to be eating the same things over and over again, reminds me of when I first became vegetarian. So many of my own recipes have dairy so time to branch out a bit. Calista wanted potato salad for dinner last night so I made her some. I didn't think it was going to effect me but I was salivating! I love potato salad! It made me realize that I really don't think I can live vegan for life but it certainly has changed a lot of old habits. Instead of grabbing cheese when I need a snack I've been grabbing the nuts, seeds, apples with almond butter, and hummus; certainly healthier than cheese. I've dropped a total of 5 lbs and still seem to be climbing down. I also know that I can't do soy lattes for good either, I just enjoy them with regular cream far too much! Maybe I will end up with a milking cow some day :)

Kev gave up. He just decided that he loves his cheese too much. He says "I'm half vegan", with a funny grin on his face. He's gotten turned on to Health Valley products, lots of vegetable soup, lentil soup, and chili so he is still eating a little healthier, although he has always been my child that is interested in health and nutrition and does a lot of reading up on things and eats very good. He loves all my "weird" foods too like the soy products, soy milk, almond milk, hummus, pesto, and lots of vegetables.

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